Based on the book by Amelia Gray. Watch the trailer to the short film AM/PM. Based on two short stories from the book AM/PM. Directed by Jonny Diaz. Starring Cassidy Slaughter-Mason, Jason Economus, Ryan Foster & Amanda Drinkall

Through The Years is a short film about three family members who deal with love, loss & family ties. Told in three acts through the perspective of three separate family members. Music by Manchester Orchestra

Watch this scene from the short film 20 Something Directed by Jonny DiazStarring Jason Economus Featuring Ayala Skopp Music by Glad Fanny Directed by Jonny Diaz Watch the short film on Vimeo and visit

20 Something (Slap Outtakes)

Grey Goose Vodka - "When Life is Black & White" directed by Jonny Diaz


Craigslist (starring Jason Economus)

Directed by Jonny Diaz

Who is Steve Shubert? (Promo)