Artist: Bianca Gisselle Director: Jonny Diaz Cinematographer: Trigg Ferrano
Based on 2 short stories by Amelia Gray. Starring: Cassidy Slaughter-Mason Jason Economus & Amanda Drinkall DIrected by Jonny Diaz Visit:

Won't Go Quietly is a short film Directed by Jonny Diaz The film follows a Lily, a twenty-something year old writer asreflects on her recently ended relationship. Starring Cassidy Sluaghter-Mason & Ryan Foster For more information visit:

20 Something - Directed by Jonny Diaz 

 Based on an essay by Jason Economus

Like You Wanna Be - Board of Governors (Music Video)

Lines - Board of Governors (Music Video)

Up in Flames - Frey Geoffreux (3D Music Video)

 Sad/Glad - Tiffany Topol  (Live Session) 

Oh, My Harrison - Tiffany Topol (Studio Session) 

The Steve Shubert Show - (Web series)

Joey thinks her first date with Alex is going great until a shocking text message gives her cold feet, but Alex won't take "no" for an answer. INCOMING MISSILE!, the searing new short film from LA-based Canadian writer-actor Rob Salerno and director Jonny Diaz, takes a critical and hilarious look at toxic masculinity and consent.

Rain - RSM (Music Video) & 1501 Studios